19th NRB Symposium Program

Schedule of Events: August 11 – 17, 2013

Sunday, August 11 — Travel to Talkeetna
1230 Meet at the Anchorage International Airport, Visitor Information Desk at the Baggage Claim
1300 Bus arrives at the airport
1330 Bus leaves for Talkeetna with a few stops along the way
1700 Arrive at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge
1800 Registration begins (main lobby)
1900 Icebreaker and dinner at the outside pavilion (barbeque style)
2100 Free time
Monday, August 12 — Talkeetna, Symposium
0700 Breakfast
0815 Introductions & welcoming remarks (Sveta Stuefer)
0845 Keynote speaker: John Walsh (President's Professor of Global Change, Chief Scientist, International Arctic Research Center) — "Alaska in a Changing Climate: Wetter or Drier?"
0930 Presentations — Session I (Convener: Sveta Stuefer)
0930 Katrina Bennett "Historical Changes and Future Projections of Extreme Hydroclimate Events in Interior Alaska Watersheds"
0950 Terry Prowse "Climatic Redistribution of Canada’s Western Water Resources (CROCWR)"
1010 Brandi Newton "Synoptic Climatological Characteristics Associated with Water Availability in Western Canada: A CROCWR Component"
1030 Coffee break
1100 Presentations — Session I (Convener: Terry Prowse)
1100 Hayley Linton "Spatiotemporal Trends in Climatic Variables Affecting Streamflow Across Western Canada from 1950–2010: A CROCWR Component"
1120 Gillian Walker "Water Balance Calculation over Surface Water Storage in the Dry Interior Climate of the Athabasca River Region in Western Canada: A CROCWR Component"
1140 Allison Bawden "An Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Trends and Patterns in Western Canadian Runoff: A CROCWR Component"
1200 Roxanne Ahmed "Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Spring Freshet of Major Circumpolar Arctic River Systems: A CROCWR Component"
1220 Lunch
1330 Invited speaker: Wayne Dyok (Project Manager, Alaska Energy Authority) — "Susitna-Watana Hydro: Clean, Reliable Power for 100 Years"
1420 Presentations — Session II (Convener: Larry Hinzman)
1420 Wolf-Dietrich Marchand "Scaling Runoff from Large to Small Catchments — Comparison of Theoretical Results with Measurements"
1440 Erica Betts "Linking North Slope Climate, Hydrology, and Fish Migration"
1500 Coffee break
1530 Presentations — Session II (Conveners: Glen Liston)
1530 Rita Winkler "Forest Disturbance Effects on Snow and Water Yield in South-Central British Columbia"
1550 Bob Bolton "Vegetation Water Use in a Subarctic Boreal Forest Environment The Role of Water Content"
1610 Jessie Young "Ecohydrology of Boreal Forests: The Role of Water Content"
1630 Workshop task forces (Douglas Kane)
1900 Dinner(sit-down in Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge)
2000 Unofficial history of the NRB (Douglas Kane and Terry Prowse)
2100 Free time
Tuesday, August 13 — Susitna River Field Trip, Symposium
0700 Breakfast
0845 Bus leaves for the field trip (Susitna River to Devil’s Canyon from 0930 to 1430)
0930 Board the jet boat (lunch on the boat)
1500 Return to Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge
1515 Presentations — Session III (Conveners: Bob Bolton & Sveta Stuefer)
1515 Chris Spence "Winter Streamflow Generation in a Subarctic Precambrian Shield Catchment"
1535 Chas Jones "Modeling Groundwater Upwelling as a Control on River Ice Thickness"
1555 Ludmila Kuksina "The Features of Suspended Sediment Yield in Rivers in Kamchatka, Far East Russia"
1615 Coffee break
1645 Presentations — Session III (Conveners: Bob Bolton & Sveta Stuefer)
1645 Anna Abnizova "Hydrologic Connectivity and Dissolved Organic Carbon Fluxes in Low-Gradient High Arctic Wetland Ponds, Polar Bear Pass, Bathurst Island, Canada"
1705 Richard Janowicz "Sensitivity of Yukon Hydrologic Response to Climate Warming: A Case Study for Community and Sectoral Climate Change Adaptation"
1725 Johanna Korhonen "Water Temperature Variations in Two Finnish Lakes (Kallavesi and Inari) in 1981–2010"
1745 Olga Bobrova "Input of Dissolved Organic Carbon for Typical Lakes in Tundra Based on Field Data of the Expedition Lena – 2012"
1900 Shuttle leaves for downtown Talkeetna, dinner at Twister Creek
2100 Shuttle returns to Talkeetna Lodge
2130 Chief delegates meeting
Wednesday, August 14 — Travel from Talkeetna to Seward, Symposium & Panel Discussion in Anchorage
0700 Breakfast
0730 Bag pull
0800 Bus leaves from Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge to Anchorage
1030 Arrive at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage
1045 Invited speaker: Lynn Kent (Deputy Commissioner, Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation) — "Current Climate and Water Challenges in Alaska"
1130 Presentations — Session IV (Convener: Douglas Kane)
1130 Larry Hinzman "The Interaction of Atmospheric, Hydrologic, Geomorphic, and Ecosystem Processes on the Arctic Coastal Plain"
1200 Bill Schnabel "Shredding the Gnarctic: Applied Hydrologic Inquiries at the UAF Water and Environmental Research Center"
1230 Lunch
1300 Invited speaker: Leslie Holland-Bartels (Regional Director, Alaska, U.S. Geological Survey) — "A Federal Perspective of Water Resources Needs and Challenges of the North"
1415 Bus leaves from the BP Energy Center to Seward
1530 Stop at the Portage Glacier
1730 Arrive at the Seward Windsong Lodge
1800 Dinner in Seward (Ray’s Waterfront)
2100 Free time
Thursday, August 15 — Seward, Exit Glacier Visit, Symposium & Working Groups
0700 Breakfast
0900 Presentations — Session V (Convener: Glen Liston)
0900 Anna Wagner "Delineation of Snow Patterns in Northern Alaska"
0920 Joel Homan "Arctic Snow Distribution Patterns at the Watershed Scale"
0940 Sveta Stuefer "Wind-Driven Snow Flux Derived from Arctic Snow Fences"
1000 Kathy Young "Seasonal Stream Regimes and Water Budgets of Hillslope Catchments, Polar Bear Pass and Cape Bounty, Nunavut"
1020 Coffee break
1050 Presentations — Session V (Convener: Larry Hinzman)
1050 Douglas Kane "Challenges of Precipitation Data Collection in Alaska"
1110 Oddbjørn Bruland "Predicting Snow Density"
1130 Glen Liston "Greenland Freshwater Runoff. Part I: A Runoff Routing Model for Glaciated and Nonglaciated Landscapes (HydroFlow)"
1150 Bent Hasholt "Sediment Transport to the Kangerlussuaq Fjord, West Greenland"
1230 Bus leaves from Seward Windsong Lodge to Exit Glacier
1630 Workshop (planning for new task forces, next NRB Meeting)
1730 Social hour and main poster session
1930 Banquet dinner (formal, sit-down) & farewell speeches
2100 Free time
Friday, August 16 — Kenai Fjords, Working Groups
0700 Breakfast
0930 Bus leaves Seward Windsong lodge to Seward
1000 Boat departs for 8.5 hour Kenai Fjords National Park and Fox Island tour
1230 Lunch on the boat
1700 Dinner at Fox Island (barbeque style)
1830 Arrive in Seward
1930 Slide show of an adventurous field trip: “The Influence of Weather on Human Activities in Clyde River, Baffin Island, Nunavut” (Glen Liston, Senior Research Scientist, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA), Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO)
2100 Free time
Saturday, August 17 — Travel from Seward to Anchorage, Departure
0700 Breakfast
0830 Bag pull
0900 Bus leaves Seward Windsong Lodge to Anchorage (pick up box lunch)
1230 Arrive at Anchorage International Airport